SWARD - Swift Water Advanced Rescue Device - SafeLife Net - Water rescue net - David HaylesThe Swift Water Advanced Rescue Device (SWARD) was initially designed by David Hayles, a highly-trained water rescue professional, in response to swift water rescue needs in the Los Angeles river system, a heavily cemented waterway. 

The SWARD is a quick-deploying portable safety device, ideally suited for a rescue situation where there is no stable footing. 

The Swift Water Advanced Rescue Device helps rescuers not become victims themselves during the rescue by providing a stable platform. This stability and ease of deployment gives valuable access to any hazard zone or precarious situations.

The strong design and materials allow the SWARD to handle multiple victims and rescuers at the same time.

It’s 100% buoyant, flexible enough to wind through a honey-combed cave, and bright enough to lead the way out.

Most of all, the sturdy and open ladder design allows victims to help themselves which keep less rescuers from being hurt.

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